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About Me

Hello and welcome.

My name is Samantha, and I am deeply passionate about healing. 

From my earliest memories I felt this call, but it wasn't until age 15 that I even knew what "Therapy" was. I first heard the words, "Art Therapist," on the news and immediately everything clicked. After all, I had grown up using art and creative writing to express and externalize my own internal experience, so how awesome was it that I could offer this healing for others! 


 I promptly received my Bachelors degree at UC Santa Barbara in Psychology in 2013 and graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2015 with my Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and Specialization in Clinical Art Therapy. 

My passion for therapy has only grown since my first clinical jobs serving Veterans and adolescents in residential settings. Prior to starting my own private practice in February of 2021, I spent 1.5 years at the amazing group private practice The Wellness Arts Collective in Eagle Rock Ca, serving couples, individuals, families and children/adolescents.  


Though my roots are in Art Therapy, I have branched out to provide healing for not only the brain, but the body, through somatic healing. I have fallen in love with each evidenced based treatment I have received training in: CPT, EMDR, TCY, and DBT skills. Currently I am learning more about IFS (you can learn more about how I am incorporating this in my blog post entitled "What can a therapist believe?").


Therapy is just the coolest, there, I said it. 

When I am not "nerding out," over therapy, I am practicing what I teach.

I love the moving meditation that is yoga, and practice intuitive movement this way. I am always reading 2 books, one is normally science fiction (Ray Bradbury, Terry Prachet, Kurt Vonneget etc...) and one a "therapy" book (duh therapy nerd remember!). Making art remains my number 1 self care practice, so I always have a painting on my easel. 

I have two cats (whom I still call kittens) Thunder and Lightning, who love hanging out in my office. They mostly sleep next to me during telehealth sessions, however Lightning (pictured here) has been known to pop on and say hi or more accurately, "meep."


I look forward to assisting you in meeting your goals, and creating a life you are passionate about. 


Please reach out to me, or check out our FAQ with additional questions. 

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