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Cognitive Processing Therapy

What is CPT?

This manualized Evidence Based Treatment provides recovery from Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). CPT falls under the umbrella of Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (treatment that focuses on connection between thoughts, emotions and behaviors).

How does CPT work?

Cognitive Processing Therapy is designed to be completed in an average of 12 sessions, although this differs from person to person. CPT focuses on the connections between thoughts, feelings, behavior and bodily sensations through worksheets aimed at helping you challenge negative beliefs and create new, more balenced alternate thoughts. Cognitive Processing Therapy as a hand out heavy treatment, and requires daily home work assignments between sessions. CPT does not require you to go into detail about the trauma you experienced, instead it focuses on how trauma has affected your beliefs and emotional experience. 


How does it work through Telehealth?

CPT works absolutely the same via telehealth, except that instead of physically handing you the handouts/worksheets in session, I will email them to you prior to session. I will always let you know which handouts to print and if access to a printer is a problem, no worries! There is a free app we can use or you can follow along on a note pad or journal. 

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