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My Approach

I believe that all humans want and deserve to live a life free from suffering. Everyone has innate wisdom and goodness. Sometimes early life experiences and stressful or traumatic life events make it feel as if Anxiety, Fear and Depression have taken over, instead of just being emotions we experience, and parts of ourselves that do not define our whole. Therapy can help us understand that these and other painful emotions will not last forever, and that even though we may not have had control over our past, we do have the ability to build a future of resiliency, compassion and strength-

A life you are passionate about. 


My approach to therapy is Eclectic. This means I adapt to the unique needs of each specific client, drawing from my unique tool box of Art, Somatic and Cognitive healing tools to find the best combination for each client, making treatment fit the individual, not the other way around. 

Some examples of how this may look in practice: 

If negative thoughts or a loud inner critic, rumination and catastrophizing are causing you distress, I would perhaps empower you to challenge and restructure automatic thoughts/beliefs that may be keeping you stuck in ineffective coping patterns with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or Cognitive Processing Therapy (an Evidenced Based Treatment for trauma). I also offer Interpersonal Effectiveness skills from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy which offer practical skills to improve your ability to get your needs met, learn assertiveness and set boundaries.

When we experience trauma, stress and fear, our body goes into crisis mode. We lose access to our prefrontal cortex- the part of our brain that helps us think cognitively, and rationally, and often feel stuck in fight or flight modes. Dan Siegal calls this, "flipping your lid.Most of us know the expression, "butterflies in my stomach," and has felt the moment when their fists automatically tighten when they feel threatened. In these moments, cognitive approaches like those above are not accessible, and may be the reason traditional talk therapy has left you feeling stuck/unfulfilled in the past.  


Our emotions are intrinsically connected to our bodies and trauma is felt in both the mind and body. I offer Trauma Conscious Yoga a method that uses restorative yoga poses to soothe the nervous system, helping us rest and relax, through gentle movements, breath, grounding and meditation. 

Trauma memory has the tendency to become stuck on repeat instead of getting filed away as the brain is able to do with less charged memories. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy or EMDR utilizes bi-lateral stimulation to reprocess those memories, and thus file them away where they belong, helping us to come "unstuck," and live a life where we can be present and free from trauma symptoms. Since receiving my certification in EMDR, I have received additional training in IFS Informed EMDR interventions by Bruce Hersey. 

If it is difficult to express yourself with words alone, Art Therapy can be an amazingly effective option. Art making helps bypass the parts of the brain shut down by trauma, and gain insight and access to healing through a right brain approach. In Art Therapy we use a variety of art materials to externalize your internal experience and gain insight into your identity and goals. No experience with art is necessary, and I truly believe that all humans are artists.


After all, we all have the ability to create a life worth living. 


I will work collaboratively with you to design a treatment plan that is individualized and trauma informed to help you meet your specific goals.  Contact me below to begin this healing journey. 

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