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Telehealth: Therapy from home


 I provide Telehealth therapy in the form of secure video or audio only telephone calls. Sometimes my therapy kittens Thunder and Lightning stop by and say hello (but mostly they like sleeping in their pink donut bed under my desk).


Telehealth removes barriers around commuting, finding care for children, and the anxiety of going to a physical office. The biggest plus of telehealth is being able to engage in therapy from the comfort of your home (and my biggest plus is getting to see your pets occasionally enter the space to say "hi"). 

I have worked exclusively via telehealth since March of 2020 and have found this an extremely effective way to offer treatment. Clients continue to report deep healing, and meet their goals in this virtual space. 


The research being done on EMDR particularly is showing that treatment is even more effective online!

In addition, as a MFT licensed in the state of California I can provide therapy services to most residents of California! This means you are no longer limited when seeking therapy by mileage or physical proximity- we can work together from different locations throughout the state.  

Explore how telehealth can look with each therapy service EMDR, Art Therapy, Trauma Conscious Yoga and CPT

Explore the logistics of telehealth on the FAQ page. 


If your home does not feel like a safe space for therapy for whatever reason, please contact me below to set up your complimentary consultation call so we can discuss some creative solutions.

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