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Veterans and their families

Growing up in a military family has its own unique challenges. For the enlisted person, there is active exposure to traumatic experiences both here and abroad, as well as pervasive military sexual trauma, and painful and dehumanizing experiences that lead to moral injury. For the family at home there is stress and worry, especially during deployment. When the deployed family member returns home, the family system can be upheaved and it can be difficult to adjust, especially if there is untreated PTSD, depression or anxiety. For the children of military families, constant moves can disrupt friendships and effect school performance, as well as leave them feeling isolated and effect their ability to build relationships. 

You are not alone. 

Coming from a military family myself, I know first hand how difficult these challenges can be. The stigma around mental health and PTSD specifically can stop many from seeking the support they need, and overcrowded VA's can make access to services seem impossible. In my work both at the West Va Veteran's Home and UCLA's Operation Mend I have learned how to help veterans and their families find balence and peace. 

Since branching out to private practice I have become a partner with Centerstone, a program that provides financial assistance to veterans and their families in need of mental health services. It has been my honor to help these brave souls heal and grow their resiliency. After all, it only takes a few weeks to make a soldier, it takes a lot longer  to transition back to civilian life. 

Please explore my website and reach out for your complimentary consultation call today.

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